MinnSpec - Minnesota Speculative Fiction Writers

Author/Editor Title Genre Format Publication Date
Abra Staffin-Wiebe The Unkindness of Ravens (Trickster's Mark 1) Epic Fantasy Novella July 17, 2018
Conrad Zero The Gloom Queen Paranormal Thriller Novella May 23, 2017
Briana D Lawrence I Am Magical: magnifiqueNOIR Book One Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy Novel October 3, 2017
Jessica Walsh & Briana Lawrence Beneath the Chapter (Hunters Volume 2) Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Novel April 4, 2016
Michael A. O'Leary Jr. Térata Occult Fiction Novel December 29, 2015
Kate Bitters Ten Thousand Lines Dystopian Science Fiction Novel April 6, 2015
Jessica Walsh & Briana Lawrence Seeking the Storyteller (Hunters Volume 1) Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Novel March 16, 2015
Abra Staffin-Wiebe A Circus of Brass and Bone Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction Novel January 5, 2015
Michael Merriam Old Blood's Fate Fantasy Novel March 6, 2013
Michael Merriam Last Car to Annwn Station LGBT Fantasy Novel June 27, 2011
Michael A. O'Leary Jr. The Subverted Fairy Project: Book 1 Fantasy & Folktales Anthology October 31, 2018
Michael A. O'Leary Jr. Choices & Metamorphoses Fantasy & Horror Anthology May 24, 2017
Michael Merriam A Winter Night Speculative Poetry Anthology January 13, 2017
Michael Merriam By Polaris Bright Science Fiction Anthology May 5,2015
Michael Merriam Sky-Tinted Waters Speculative Fiction Anthology August 24, 2012
Michael Merriam Shimmers & Shadows Science Fiction & Fantasy Anthology June 23, 2010
Catherine Lundoff Out of This World: Queer Speculative Fiction Stories Queer Speculative Fiction Anthology May 15, 2017
Catherine Lundoff Silver Moon LGBT Fantasy Novel May 15, 2017
Catherine Lundoff Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space) LGBT Science Fiction & Fantasy Anthology December 5, 2018
Emily L. Byrne Medusa's Touch Lesbian Science Fiction Romance Novel May 20, 2018